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Bail Bond Online Office Management System

BBOOMS Fall Newsletter 2014 



For no more then the cost of a cell phone 

For most people the cell phone has become an indespensible tool for doing business.  Now for a limited time, as an introduction to our new version 12 of BBOOMS, you can have another indespensible tool to help you run your bail bond office for no more then you would pay for a cell phone.  You need to see it in action to appreciate how its rich set of features can put the information you need at your fingertips and put you in better control of your business

It can be demonstrated via the internet at any time you wish.  Give us a call or email and arrange a time for a quick demonstration.

 BBOOMS offers you:

  • Upload image to a client directly from your smart phone
  • Mobile client checkin - client access to their court appointments
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use and easy to learn - built from the ground up to be intuitive
  • Built-in processes supporting daily, weekly and monthly management processes
  • Extraordinary service - this is how we keep our clients happy
  • Access to your information from anywhere on the internet
  • System reliability, availability and accessibility that exceeds in-house systems
  • The newest features to all users via the internet - no new versions to buy or upgrade 
  • You need to see our new version 12 in action - faster then ever 

 Great new tools to help you keep up with your collection efforts.





 Featured Feature - Collection of Overdue Fee Payments

Perhaps you are looking for a better procedure to use in your efforts to increase revenue from unpaid fees.  The following highlights describe how this might be done using some of the features built into BBOOMS.

  • Start by producing a report of overdue fees.  This report can be filtered to show only clients with still active bonds, inactive bonds or both.  In addition the filter can show only amounts due in a certain dollar range and can also filter on when the last payment was made.  Once you narrow down the lowest hanging fruit you can then begin contacting those clients.
  • Solicit a promise to pay from the client and enter it into the system.  This will allow you to zero in on those missing their promises.  In addition if a payment is made a new 'promise to pay' will be created for the client automatically based on the original 'promise to pay' agreement.  Emample: if the client agrees to pay $25.00 monthly starting Oct.10 and a payment is received by Oct. 10 the a new promise to pay is created by BBOOMS for Nov. 10.
  •  If a payment is not received as the client promised, then the client will be on the 'Missed Payment Collection Report'.  Phone calls and emails can be used to follow up on the missing payments reminding the client of the previious promise to pay.
  • BBOOMS also allows you to write off a client's debt so that no further manhours are spent in collections efforts.  If a client has a writeoff to bad debt then that client will automatically be highlighted in the Client Selection process to insure no future bonds will be considered without taking the prior debt into the risk analysis process.

 We have data conversion packages available. 


Just for fun:

For Halloween: A skull or a girl in a mirror?

Did you ever wonder where that phrase came from?



Three sheets to the wind.

To understand this phrase we need to enter the arcane world of nautical terminology. Don't be 'taken aback' to hear that sheets aren't sails, as landlubbers might expect, but ropes (or occasionally, chains). These are fixed to the lower corners of sails, to hold them in place. If three sheets are loose and blowing about in the wind then the sails will flap and the boat will lurch about like a drunken sailor.

You have to see our all new BBOOMS version 12 - faster then ever.



  Give us a call to set up a guided tour of BBOOMS. 

We can do this via the phone using a remote link-up that allows us both to view and discuss the same web pages.

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